Devoted music producer (Anywhere)

To those who want their music to touch the world–I want to bring out the gold in your songs:

Experienced music/vocal producer here. I will work relentlessly with you and for you, in order to bring your songs to life and make them (and you) shine. I love working with artists, songwriters, and musicians–from beginners to seasoned professionals.

I offer a range of services, to include:

1) Listening and providing constructive feedback on how to improve your work, including the structure, melody, lyrics, vocals, production, and mix.

2) Completing whatever is missing in your songs. This may include collaborating with you to enhance the story and vision behind your song, and refining the melody, harmony, lyrics, delivery, energy, vibe, and groove in it. I will provide creative ideas and help you create your backing vocals, teach you how to perform the lead and backing vocals yourself and shine doing it.

3) Recording with the pros. If you prefer to have other players or singers perform your song, I can recruit and record live pro musicians and pro singers on your tracks and work with them in the studio to capture the best performance for your song.
Together we will work as a winning team to create either a demo for you to entertain yourself and loved ones with, or a master that could touch the entire world.

I look forward to learning more about your aspirations and how I can help you achieve them. I offer 40 years of experience producing memorable, catchy songs. Whether we work together in person or remotely, you will find an engaged, invested, and talented music producer who is dedicated to making everything easy, efficient, empowering and affordable for you.

Pricing is based on the complexity of your project. For the budget conscious, I am happy to work with you to accommodate your budget.

Please feel free to ask me for a link to my website, which has samples of my work I have created and produced for people just like you, videos, reviews, and a “before and after” section–Songs the way I got ‘em and what I did with ‘em.

Remember–The world is always happy to listen to good music :)

P.S. Please consider including your phone number. Most people who contact me, don’t reply to my reply and I always wonder whether they even got my reply, whether they ever check their spam/junk folder, in case my email went there, and had I had their number I could have contact them directly. If you're uncomfortable sending me your number before you check out my website, at least check your spam/junk folder, as I always reply promptly, and many times, because your computer doesn't recognize the CL email address or mine, it stores my reply in that folder.

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